Relationships and Counselling

Imagine your Counsellors having an early insight into their Clients’ personalities and individual differences?

Differences in personality continually influence the behaviour and outlook of individuals – whether consciously or unconsciously – and impact on their relationships with other people. Gaining an early insight into this through Personality Profiling supports Counsellors in connecting/building rapport with their Clients, provides a positive framework and neutral ground for exploring individual differences in personality styles and behaviour, and a sound tool for helping to empower Clients. This is invaluable in face-to-face sessions, and perhaps even more so with counselling using new technologies, when the Counsellor has few or no cues (such as verbal and non-verbal) to help them support the Client. 

Counselling Individuals

People Diversity Adult Personality Profiles are positive and non-judgemental. Based on the natural Strengths and ‘Stretches’ of an individual, they include a wealth of information about a person’s characteristics, natural approach to relationships and communication, decision-making style, preference for being spontaneous or actively managing their lifestyle, and personal stressors. This presents the Counsellor with an early, invaluable – and usually unavailable – additional context for the Client’s reason(s) for seeking counselling, and a solid tool for encouraging self-awareness, self-esteem, clarity, goal development and building of resilience.

Couples Counselling

The Adult Personality Profiles become an even more powerful tool when integrated into the process of couples counselling, as they provide the Counsellor and Clients with an insight into the dynamics between the two personalities and – by focusing on natural personality differences – neutral ground for identifying and exploring issues. Again, the Profiles present the Counsellor with an early and invaluable – and usually unavailable – additional context for the Clients’ reason(s) for seeking Counselling, and a solid instrument for encouraging self-awareness, self-esteem, empathy with their partner, clarity, goal development and building of resilience.

What’s in the Adult Personality Profiles?

What are the Benefits of Adult Personality Profiles?

Family Counselling

When working with Families, Counsellors have the opportunity to use the People Diversity Family Suite, which includes Parent Personality Profiles and Child Personality Profiles.

What’s in the Family Personality Profiles?

How can they help Families?

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