What’s in the Profiles?

Teacher Personality Profiles include information about:

  • Personality characteristics
  • Teaching Strengths
  • Potential Stretches
  • Learning Preferences
  • Communication in Teams / Groups: Strengths & Potential Stretches
  • Stress and Possible Remedies.

What are the Benefits for Teachers?

Helping Teachers to:

  • Develop their self-awareness and recognise and value the natural strengths associated with their personality – an important step to building confidence and resilience
  • Acknowledge and work on their ‘stretches’ in a positive way, for example, time and workload management, being assertive – or controlling, perfectionism, ‘over-sensitivity,’ managing conflict appropriately, etc. This also helps strengthen professional confidence and resilience
  • Provide optimum, balanced support for students by developing a greater depth of insight into individual students’ learning preferences and needs, for example, preferred and non-preferred teaching methods, desire for a structured or flexible classroom, step-by-step facts or big picture theory, level of need for teacher contact and feedback, whether they are natural independent learners or require coaching in this area
  • Gain a new perspective on their students’ personalities and personality dynamics within a class or group, informing teacher/student relationships, interpretation of behaviour, classroom management, lesson planning, seating plans and group/team combinations – for optimum learning
  • Manage particular situations more effectively, for example, when mentoring or supporting a student who is under stress, or when resolving conflict/bullying/relationship difficulties, by providing additional valuable information about personality and likely stressors
  • Develop and strengthen teaching and learning in PSHE lessons by using as the basis for topics such as: Self-awareness; Mental Wellbeing; People Diversity; Relationships; Empathy; Respect; Bullying; Resilience; Aspirations; Learning Goals; Careers; CVs; Transition and Change
  • Identify and manage workplace and personal stressors
  • Explore the impact of their teaching strengths and stretches on different Student personalities and associated learning preferences.

If you are interested in using our Teacher Personality Profiles, contact us and we will be in touch very soon!

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