What’s in the Profiles?

Student Personality Profiles include information about:

  • Personality characteristics
  • Personality Style overview
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Communication in Group / Teams: Strengths & Potential Stretches
  • Learning Preferences
  • Careers

What are the Benefits to Students?

Helping Students to:

  • Develop their self-awareness and recognise and value the natural strengths associated with their personality – an     important first step to building wellbeing and confidence
  • Acknowledge and work on their ‘stretches’ in a positive ‘can do’ way (for example: being more organised; persevering with non-preferred subjects or learning methods, such as independent learning; handling confrontation), which also helps to build confidence, resilience and personal independence and remove barriers to learning
  • Enhance their empathy and social skills – improving relationships and team working through increased understanding of, and respect for, individual differences
  • Cope with and reduce stress, and handle conflict situations and their resolution more confidently, for example, through familiarity with individual differences in communication style and why clashes may occur
  • Develop their understanding and management of their preferred study styles, and strengthen their independent learning and revision skills
  • Make more informed choices relating to GCSE subjects, courses of study and preferred careers
  • Use their awareness of their natural strengths (and interests) as a starting point for exploring career choices that apply these. Focusing on natural strengths/interests will boost students’ confidence, motivation to develop skills, knowledge and expertise – and enjoyment!
  • Confidently build an effective CV that reflects their strengths
  • Prepare for the transition from one stage to another – for example, from Primary to High School, High School to College, College to University or the Workplace.

What are the Benefits to Schools?

  • Practical tool to help staff provide optimum support for students
    CPD for employees
  • Framework for holistic development of students
  • Providing themes and strengthening teaching and learning in PSHE lessons, assemblies and registration/tutor groups, etc., including: Self-awareness; Mental Wellbeing; People Diversity; Relationships; Empathy; Bullying; Respect; Resilience; Aspirations; Learning Goals; Careers; CVs; Transition and Change
  • Helping boost aspirations and remove barriers to learning, including with ‘hard-to-reach’ students
  • Context for individual mentoring and counselling, and managing stress
  • Tool for enhancing relationships and resolving conflict, such as personality clashes and bullying
  • Optimising student support by providing Teachers and other adults with a greater depth of insight into individual students’ learning preferences and needs, for example, preferred and non-preferred teaching methods, desire for a structured or flexible classroom, step-by-step facts or big picture theory, level of need for teacher contact and feedback, whether they are natural independent learners or require coaching in this area
  • Affording Teachers with a new perspective on their students’ personalities and personality dynamics within a class or group, informing teacher/student relationships, interpretation of behaviour, classroom management, lesson planning, seating plans and group/team combinations, for optimum learning
  • Providing Teachers and other adults with additional valuable information about personality and likely stressors to help them manage particular situations more effectively, for example, when mentoring or supporting a student who is under stress, or when resolving conflict/bullying/relationship difficulties.

If you are interested in using our Student Personality Profiles, contact us and we will be in touch very soon!

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