Adult Personality

Differences in personality continually influence the behaviour and outlook of individuals – whether consciously or unconsciously – and impact on relationships with others in both personal and professional contexts.

Knowledge of Personality is therefore fundamental to better understanding ourselves and others, helping to strengthen relationships and boost personal and/or professional development.

Corporate, for-profit organisations have long understood the benefits of Personality Profiling in supporting, for example, practical decision-making and processes such as selection, employee-job/project matching, individual and team performance development, and employee motivation and retention. Much profiling is focused on this, often at Management/Leadership level, to the exclusion of other roles and those who require profiling for a personal or non-workplace context.

By providing wider choice and inclusivity of profiling, we aim to maximise accessibility to the benefits of Personality Profiling – our Adult Personality Profiles explore an individual’s personality without focusing on a specific context or role, making them versatile and inclusive of all adults.

Strengths-based, self-affirming, yet also developmental, Adult Personality Profiles provide a positive and practical framework for examining personality, individual differences and dynamics, and have the potential to be of benefit in any context where people and relationships are involved, for example, to:

  • Enrich individual and couples counselling
  • Boost self-awareness, wellbeing, stress management and resilience
  • Foster personal development, including career exploration or change
  • Support professional development, by focusing on ‘stretches’ (areas naturally challenging to each personality style)
  • Build and improve team relationships.

What’s in the profiles?

Adult Personality Profiles include information about:

  • Personality characteristics
  • Personality Style overview
  • Relationships & Communication
  • Communication in Teams / Groups: Strengths and Potential Stretches
  • Learning Preferences
  • Careers.


What are the benefits of Adult Personality Profiles?

This is context-dependent, for example, when integrated into the counselling, mediation or family intervention process, Adult Personality Profiles can enhance it by:

  • Affording the counsellor with a significant early insight into clients’ personalities – and personality dynamics – that they wouldn’t normally have. This is valuable in a face-to-face setting and also with online, email and telephone counselling sessions, where the counsellor has few or no helpful cues, e.g. visual or verbal
  • Focusing on natural personality differences and providing neutral ground that enhances rapport between counsellor and client(s), for example, behaviour that’s attributed to being an annoying habit or even a lack of concern may be due to natural differences, such as communication style
  • Providing a non-judgemental language for discussing sources of irritation and misunderstanding, helping to avoid a ‘blame culture’ and positively progress the process
  • Assisting counsellors to identify probable issues in the individual’s/couple’s/family’s difficulties, for example, by identifying natural personality style differences and stressors
  • Equipping counsellors with a powerful tool to improve clients’ emotional wellbeing and encourage self-awareness, self-esteem, empathy with others, clarity, goal-development and building of resilience.

If you are interested in using our Adult Personality Profiles, contact us and we will be in touch very soon!

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