Our innovative range of ‘Personality in Context’ Profiles currently includes a Family Suite (Parent and Child) and a Learning and Teaching Suite (Student and Teacher).

Versatile Adult Personality Profiles explore an individual’s personality without focusing on a specific context or role and are therefore inclusive of all adults, encompassing those who may seek profiling for a personal or non-workplace context, as well as for workplace-related reasons.

We are continually developing our product portfolio and will announce new suites of profiles when they become available.

Adult Personality

Adult Personality Profiles for Staff & Clients of all organisations, including:

  • Local Authorities
  • Public Services
  • Charities & 3rd Sector
  • Relationship Organisations
  • Training & Development Consultants / Departments.


Parent & Child Personality Profiles, for organisations, including:

  • Local Authorities: Child & Family Services
  • Charities & 3rd Sector
  • Fostering & Adoption Agencies
  • Parenting Organisations
  • Parenting Programme Commissioners / Developers / Providers
  • Mediation Services.

Students and Teachers

Student Personality Profiles & Teacher Personality Profiles for organisations, including:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Careers Services
  • Universities
  • Teacher Training Organisations.

Personality Profiles For...

Fostering & Adoption

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Relationships & Counselling

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Learning & Teaching

Students Teachers

Parenting & Families

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Training & Development

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