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Parent and Child Profiles

Our Family Suite includes Parent and Child Personality Profiles which are inclusive, positive and self-affirming.

The Parent Personality Profiles include information on the individual characteristics of each parent personality, parenting strengths and potential stretches. All Parent Personality Profiles contain Hints for Parents and a section on Child Development, with particular emphasis on Attachment and Temperament in children.

Each Child Personality Profile includes the Personality characteristics of the child, with an overview of their Personality and behaviours. Sections on relationships contain personality strengths and potential stretches. There are also sections on Learning Preferences and potential Career choices for children.

Hints for parents of each Child Personality style are included, which emphasise how personalities within families can influence communications between and among family members. Suggestions are offered with regard to recognising and accommodating similarities and differences in Personality, which can lead to more productive family relationships.

What’s in the Family Profiles? 

How can they help Families?

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