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Imagine if your trainee Teachers/NQTs had an early insight into:

  • their natural Strengths, to help build their confidence and resilience
  • their potential ‘Stretches,’ to boost their personal and professional development
  • a framework for exploring the impact of these on the diversity of Student personalities and associated learning styles?

People Diversity’s innovative Teacher Personality Profiles are strengths-based, non-judgemental and developmental, and written by educationalists who understand the job – because they have done it! They include a wealth of information about an individual’s Strengths and potential ‘Stretches’ in the context of Teaching, innate preferences for how they learn best, natural style of Communication in Teams/Groups (Strengths and potential Stretches) and Personal and Workplace Stressors, including Possible Remedies.

Differences in personality influence the behaviour, motivation and outlook of individuals, and the way we relate to other people, prefer to learn – and how we teach. By increasing Teachers’ awareness of personality preferences and individual differences – and helping them build self-awareness and understanding of others – Teacher Personality Profiles are a powerful, practical tool for the personal and Continuing Professional Development of trainee teachers, NQTs and experienced teachers, trainers and mentors alike.


What’s in the Teacher Personality Profiles? 

What are the Benefits for Teachers?

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