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Imagine if your Students had an engaging tool to build wellbeing and resilience, improve their relationships and develop their learning and career goals?

The proactive use of Personality Profiling – whether whole-school, with individuals, or with particular classes, departments or groups (such as Tutor or Pupil Premium groups) – clearly demonstrates to all stakeholders a school’s organisation-level commitment to their individual students’ development, mental health and wellbeing, and employee CPD. It is used to promote an engaging culture of aspiration, learning and achievement, strengthen the Personal, Social and Health Education of students and, ultimately, help them to achieve their potential and develop into citizens who participate in, and contribute to, the wider world. Personality Profiling can be embedded naturally into the culture and ethos of a school through a preferred combination of events such as assemblies, PSHE/Citizenship lessons, registration/tutor group activities, mentoring sessions, Study Skills sessions.

Differences in personality influence the behaviour, motivation and outlook of individuals and the way we communicate, build relationships and perceive situations. Our individual personality also determines how we prefer to learn and the kinds of jobs and careers in which we are likely to excel.

By increasing Students’ awareness of personality preferences and individual differences – and helping them build self-awareness and understanding of others – Student Personality Profiles are a powerful tool for Students’ long-term personal development.

Individual Students

People Diversity’s Student Personality Profiles are positive, non-judgemental and developmental. Based on the natural Strengths and ‘Stretches’ of an individual, they include a wealth of information about a Student’s characteristics, natural communication style and approach to relationships, preference for spontaneity or active self-management, innate preferences for how they learn best, and related careers. They also indicate personal stressors and potential barriers to learning, which can be explored/minimised.


The Student Personality Profiles become an even more powerful tool when used to increase Students’ understanding of personality and individual differences in relation to others, engendering empathy and respect, supporting the development of social skills, and enhancing relationships and team working.


What’s in the Student Personality Profiles?

What are the Benefits for Students? 

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