Fostering and Adoption

Imagine if your Social Workers had an objective & accurate assessment of the personalities of prospective foster carers & adoptive parents…

Researchers from the Rees Centre for research in Fostering & Education at the University of Oxford, have suggested that in order to reduce bias from subjective assessments of personality, objective tools should be used (Luke & Sebba, 2013).


People Diversity helps Form F Assessors by providing them with Personality Profiles following accurate and objective assessments of the personalities of prospective foster carers, assisting with their practical decision-making and provision of follow-up support to maximise successful outcomes.


We provide Parent Personality Profiles for prospective adoptive parents, and Personality Profiles for Children from the age of seven, to support professionals with their practical decision-making, the matching process and provision of follow-up support to maximise successful outcomes.

Parent and Child Profiles

People Diversity profiles for family members are invaluable for child and family services, fostering and adoption agencies, family counsellors and parenting organisations. When working with families, our profiles support professionals in their role and enable parents/caregivers and children to better understand themselves and others, leading to improvements in communication and enhanced family relationships.

Our Parent Personality Profiles are positive and non-judgemental. Based on the natural Parenting Strengths and potential ‘Stretches’ associated with an individual’s personality, they include a wealth of information about a person’s characteristics, natural approach to family relationships and communication, decision-making style, preference for being spontaneous or actively managing their lifestyle, and personal stressors.  The Parent Profiles include information on the individual characteristics of each parent personality, parenting strengths and potential stretches. All Parent Personality Profiles contain Hints for Parents and a section on Child Development, with particular emphasis on Attachment and Temperament in children.

This presents the Social Worker with an early, invaluable – and usually unavailable – insight into their Clients’ personalities, and the dynamics between them, providing neutral ground for exploring parenting-related issues and a powerful tool to support their practical decision-making through accurate and objective assessment.

Strengths-based and positive, our Child Personality Profiles include information about the personal characteristics of children and young people, their natural approach to Family Relationships and Communication, Learning Preferences and Careers, and Parenting Hints which focus on the key factors they are likely to have a natural need for from a family in order to feel settled and secure.

By providing a significant, early insight into family dynamics, Family Profiles support the Social Worker in helping children and their carers/parents deal with individual differences in personality and family relational issues, thus maximising successful outcomes.

What’s in the Family Profiles? 

How can they help Families? 

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