People Diversity

We each have a different personality - a key element of diversity in people.

Discover how Personality Profiling can be used for Social Good and benefit your organisation.

Welcome to People Diversity – The Personality Profiling People!

As a B2B Social Enterprise, our Vision is to promote ‘Personality Profiling for Social Good’ – to make the benefits of Personality Profiling accessible to a much wider audience in the not-for-profit sector, promoting support and personal and professional development for both Staff and Clients, and strengthening communication, relationships and decision-making.

How?  We are committed to:

  • Diversity: Offering wider choice and inclusivity through our range of high quality, practical Personality Profiles, available via our user-friendly, online profiling system
  • Championing an ethical Fair Price policy
  • Offering Shared Income Partnerships: Providing not-for-profit organisations like yours with an additional income stream while benefitting their Clients, by selling our Profiles online.

Personality Profiles For...

Fostering & Adoption

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Relationships & Counselling

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Learning & Teaching

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Parenting & Families

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Training & Development

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